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3 Dangerous Insects & Your Pets

3 Dangerous Insects & Your Pets

If you live up north, ticks are the hot topic. Living in the south doesn’t take you off the hook, though. From east to west coast in south Florida, we have some pretty means bugs that are looking to make residence in your dog. In Florida alone, there 50 species of dangerous bugs and critters. Let’s take a look at some dangerous bugs and how you can avoid them from befriending your pet.


Cuterebra fly, or Botflie, hangs out in grass waiting for their warm-blooded hosts. They are the larvae of the botfly and cause serious illness in pets who are casually walking through grasses terrain. Symptoms include, seizures, blindness, aggression, and lumps on the skin. The best prevention is to keep your pets away from rodents and get a regular treatment for insect control Stuart offers.


Mosquitoes are annoying. They swarm and fester in warm places, hoping for their next warm-blooded meal to pass them by. We recognize mosquitoes are pests that carry the West Nile virus. But do you know that they carry a range of other diseases transmitted to your pets? Heartworms are also transmitted through mosquito bites and depending on the severity it can lead to death in your dog. Mosquitoes carrying this larvae, transmit it to your pets. The larvae then travels to the heart and lungs, sometimes unnoticed until it’s too late. Heartworm medication is a popular method of prevention. Another method of prevention is treatment and mosquito control through lawn fertilization and an insect control program.

Kissing Bugs

Cute sounding, but hazardous to your pets, and love warm-blood hosts. These guys carry Chagas Disease, a condition that doesn’t yet have an effective treatment. Much like mosquitoes, the Kissing Bug attaches itself to the host, sucking the blood without the hosts’ awareness. Should you be in a region where these bugs are prominent, an expert residential pest control Stuart offers will gladly offer guidance on effective prevention.

Bug Off!

They’re ‘man’s best friend’ for a reason and they have the same needs as you. Bugs usually find it easy to make a home in your pet’s fur because they are happily playing outdoors, chasing squirrels, and bathing in puddles. The best care you can off your pet is paying attention to warning signs when their behaviour changes.

The best prevention in bug infestation is treatment with exterimation. When you hire a lawn pest control Stuart FL expert, you’re not only securing your home of dangerous pests for your dog but for your entire family. Call the expert services of Travis Pest Control. These highly skilled and trusted individuals will get rid of the pest on the spot and be able to answer any questions. Call us today for a free estimate and let us help you determine what’s best for you and your pet.

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