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5 Reasons Mice Are Attracted to Your Home

5 Reasons Mice Are Attracted to Your Home

Out of the disease-ridden pests and rodents that can infiltrate your home, mice are at the top of the unsanitary list. Even the cleanest homes are susceptible to mice and other rodents. When you spot the signs, it’s best to act fast. Have your resident pest control Stuart exterminator’s number ready to be rid of mice once and for all. Here are 5 reason why mice love your home.


Common Mice

Wood mice are smaller and love the warmth. They are a cross between a household mouse and field mouse. The house mouse is a small rodent that gets in through small cracks in the exterior of your home. Field mice are often found on farms or homes located in the countryside. You’ll typically spot them in sheds, garages, outhouses, and warehouses seeking warm shelter.


Because mice are wild foragers at heart, they’ll seek anything food related. That goes for overflowing trash bins! Try closing your trash bin with a sealable lid.


Cluttered trash, food wrappers, and crumbs are the perfect cocktail for attracting mice. Wipe down your counters, stove, sweep and mop your floors, vacuum your rugs and put your trash immediately away in a closed trash bin to avoid curious critters. Garages, sheds and attics should be checked often to ensure all trash and clutter is removed from these spaces as well. Keep each room/space in your home clean and sanitary. The mice won’t have a reason to invade your space!

Open Spaces

Other than the obvious food clutter and warmth mice are drawn to, they also love to creep in through every nook and cranny of your home. The best way to be rid of them is to contact your local pest management service in Port St. Lucie to obtain some tips and guidance on how you can seal those cracks for good.


Food is a huge factor for mouse invasion. Since they eat nuts, seeds, and grains, they can typically be found rummaging through your cupboards or they follow a trail leading them to open containers and boxes. Dried fruits, oatmeal, dry pet food, and bird seeds are attractive meals for mice. If possible, transfer all dry food to a sealed container or bin. Take these preventive tips to avoid rodent infestation but always keep an exterminator close by.

You could get a cat. Or you can call a residential pest control Palm Beach expert to take care of the problem instead. With over 20 years of servicing the Palm Beach County area, our expertise allows us to successfully get rid of those pesky rodents once and for all. For more information on our expert service, contact us today!


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