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Signs You May Have a Termite Infestation

Signs You May Have a Termite Infestation

The consistent humid weather of the Sunshine State invites termite activity, especially in St. Lucie county. All homeowners should proactively look for these termite infestation signs, as termites can cause costly structural damage to any home.

Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to avoid termites in Florida, however there are a few signs of termite infestation you can look for.

  1. If there are swarms of flying ants or termites in your home or yard this is a telling sign you have termites. Termite swarms are created from mating termites (also referred to as alates). The alates then surface from infested wood and mate before returning back to the ground. To prevent any further structural damage to your home, it is incredibly important that you call a termite control service immediately.
  2. Your home might have termites if you start to notice ‘droopy’ walls, ceilings or floors. These damages are very similar to the effects of water or moisture damage and usually mean you have a mature termite infestation.
  3. If you find small holes in your walls and/or furniture with tiny fecal pellets inside you most likely have a case of dry-wood termites. Dry-wood termites are among the most common subspecies homeowners find during the Florida termite swarm season.
  4. Hearing soft clicking noises from inside your walls is another indicator that you may have a termite infestation. This noise can mean one of two things are happening: the termites are loudly munching through the wood in your foundation or they are banging their heads against the wood to signal danger. Regardless of what the termites are doing to make this noise, you know it means they are there and your next step is to call a home termite control service.  
  5. The presence of mud tunnels under the house or at the foundation’s base can mean termites.
  6. Get an inspection is you find small and scaly wings found on windowsills or around doors.
  7. Dry-wood and subterranean termites are the most damaging termites found by home termite control services in St. Lucie, Florida. Dry-wood termites typically eat wood from the inside out, so if you notice any hollow sounding walls or wood in or around your home you may have a dry-wood termite infestation.

So you’ve hired a home termite control service and your termite problem is solved for the time being. But how do you ensure the termites don’t return? Implementing a few home maintenance steps can help keep your home termite free:

  1. Place firewood a safe distance from your house and make sure it is covered
  2. Keep you lawn free of any debris
  3. Caulk any and all holes, openings and even tiny cracks in your foundation
  4. Seal vents and windows with mesh screens
  5. Keep the moisture levels within your home under control

If you have yet to take preventative measures and are experiencing the signs of a termite infestation, there is no time to waste. For home termite control in St. Lucie County, schedule an inspection with Travis Pest Services, LLC. today.

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