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Commercial Pest Control: Termites

Commercial Pest Control: Termites

Did you know that termites cause an estimated $5 billion in damage each year to homes and businesses? That’s a staggering number and most property owners take every precaution they can to keep from being part of the group paying for those damages. It’s always best to catch these pests early on and especially important to have a commercial pest control partner in Stuart, Fla. 

Potential property damage without commercial pest control

The average repair cost for a termite infestation tops $3,000. Most small business owners would rather spend that kind of money on plenty of other things. To protect your commercial business, enlist the help of a commercial pest control partner in Stuart, Fla. that will always be on the lookout for signs of destructive termites.  

Head them off at the pass

With regular termite inspections, your pest control partner can keep a close eye on potential pest problems in your commercial space. Inspections typically look for signs of these pests including mud tubes, hollow wood, unexplained piles of sawdust, piles of wings, and even unexplained pinholes in your walls. The inspector will routinely apply insecticides to the exterior or interior of your space, directly on any colonies that are identified, and chemicals that inhibit termite growth for any pests that escape the direct treatment. All of these efforts will go a long way to heading them off at the pass and avoiding any costly termite damage problems. 

Interruption in business

Regular inspections and treatment also prevent unexpected damage to inventory and interruption in business. If you find your small business facing termite damage, and repairs are extensive enough, you might have to shut down your operation for the period of time repairs are made, especially if customers regularly come into your space. Don’t suffer lost time and lost revenue by neglecting a potential problem that is simpler to prevent than to repair.  

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