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Must Haves For Pest Management Service in St. Lucie

Must Haves For Pest Management Service in St. Lucie

Experts say that Invasive bugs and pests cost property owners millions each year. From termites with ferocious appetites to carpenter ants that can eat through walls, leaving your property at the mercy of pests hanging out in your neighborhood is never a smart decision. A wise property owner will have a contract in place pest management service in St. Lucie and here’s what those regular services should include.   

Residential pest management service in St. Lucie 

Having a responsive company on hand to handle pest management service in St. Lucie is one of the best ways to protect your property. A reputable company will offer an initial inspection of your home with a specific focus on areas that attract pests. From this inspection, the company will create a plan to control those pets in a safe and effective way that could include deterrence, physical barriers, education, and the application of pest control chemicals. Plans could include monthly or quarterly visits, or even return visits if you ever notice any new pest activity on your property.  

Commercial and industrial pest management service in St. Lucie

If you own your own professional space, office buildings, management medical facilities, or own a restaurant, you’ll want to have an experienced pest control company in your corner. Pest management services in commercial spaces are important to keep the space neat and tidy for visitors, and to protect your commercial investment. Look for a company that offers customized services for your business, utilize integrated pest management practices, and the application of pest control materials in a safe manner for the people utilizing the space and the environment around it. Look for a service with flexible scheduling ability, quick response times, and personal service. 

Pest control and new construction

If you’re building a brand new home in the Sunshine State, you might consider having an in-wall pest solution installed during the initial construction phase. This solution includes the creation of tubes throughout the walls of your home that are designed to deliver pest control substances to hard to reach places. A technician will then come to your home every other month to apply a safe and effective pest control solution within these tubes.  

Termite and mosquito control

Termites cause Florida homeowners more damage than practically any other pest that’s found in the state. And mosquitoes, also very prevalent here, carry dangerous diseases and a painful, itchy bite. A reputable and experienced pest control company can help you control the population of both of these pests on your property. 

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