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Residential Pest Control Will Save You Money and Headaches

Residential Pest Control Will Save You Money and Headaches

There’s an old adage that a pound of prevention is worth an ounce of a cure. Pest control works this way. Pests in the Sunshine State can do a lot of damage to homes and property each year. Having a residential pest control service on hand for regular monitoring and treatments will save you money and headache in the future. 

Residential Pest Control

As a property owner, having a residential pest control Palm Beach partner will give you peace of mind that your investments are protected. Pests cause billions of dollars in damage each year, and having a professional on your side to regularly inspect your property for signs of infestation is a smart move. Many pest control companies offer simple service contracts that mean they come to you on a regular schedule for inspections and to apply insecticides as needed to keep the pests away.   

Termite Control

Termites are one of the most damaging and costly pests out there. One termite colony, depending on the species, can eat as much as a cubic foot of wood per year. They’re especially active in warm, humid climates and really love living in Florida. All Palm Beach property owners should find a pest control partner that they trust to come in and remain vigilant for the presence of termites.  

Pest Control Includes Mosquitos

Mosquitoes are another problem in Florida. While they don’t cause property damage like termites, they can carry dangerous pathogens that cause diseases like West Nile Virus and malaria. Like termites, they also love the warm, wet weather in tropical Florida, and also like termites, a knowledgeable pest control company can do a lot to control their populations on your property.  

Lawn and Tree Care

Most people don’t think about lawn and tree care when talking about pest control, but the two go hand in hand. Many pests create nests or live in colonies in the trees on your property. Having a knowledgeable pest control team periodically inspecting your trees is a good way to find evidence of dangerous pests. It’s also smart to keep your lawn well trimmed and maintained since many pests like ticks prefer to hide in tall grass.

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