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Can You Hear Termites at Night and Other Facts About Household Pests

Can You Hear Termites at Night and Other Facts About Household Pests

Termites are a destructive household pest. These insects can live in colonies of thousands and do billions of dollars in damage to structures around the world each year. They have insatiable appetites for wood and finding food sources is pretty much the only job they have. But, can you hear termites at night? Let’s answer that and address a few other facts about these household pests. 

Can you hear termites at night?

Termites don’t wait for the sun to set to eat, they do that non stop. But, when all is quiet at night time, you should listen closely. The fact is you can hear termites at night if you have an active colony inside your home. These pests collectively make enough noise popping and snapping through the wood of your home that you can hear them faintly if you listen closely enough.  

Can termites see, hear, taste, and smell?

Termites do have some senses, but not all. In fact, soldier termites are completely blind. Only the kings and queens of the colony have tiny eyes that don’t work very well anyway. These insects rely on their other senses to get the job done, especially their sense of smell that leads the way to their next meal. They also don’t have ears and instead rely on sensing vibration around them, and they don’t have any taste buds to ensure they enjoy the wood they chomp on incessantly.  

Termite relationships can get complicated

Most often, termite males and females pair off and form monogamous relationships. and build a nest together. They have young and both mom and dad help to care for the brood. If female termites aren’t plentiful, two male termites have been known to pair off as well and establish a termite home together.   

If you can hear termites in the night, catch them

People all around the world incorporate insects in their diet and many are actually great sources of protein, necessary vitamins, and minerals. Termites are no exception and are actually a delicacy dined on around the world. The insects can be eaten raw or cooked. The raw variety is said to taste similar to pineapple and the cooked termite tends to taste more like a cooked vegetable. So if you can hear termites in the night, consider catching a few and cook them up for a tasty treat. 

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