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Common Services for Residential Pest Control

Common Services for Residential Pest Control

A recent poll shows that more than 84 percent of homeowners have dealt directly with a pest problem in their home in the last year. Ants, spiders, mosquitoes, mice, flies, and wasps were among the most common united guests, and the warmer the climate, the more frequent the problem. If you’re new to homeownership, something you’ll want to take seriously is preventative pest services like these offered by residential pest control. 

General residential pest control

The best providers of residential pest control offer pest control programs that include a litany of services aimed at keeping your home critter free. These annual service contracts include regular thorough inspections of your home looking for any signs of pest activity. If anything is discovered, the area is treated appropriately. Pests do more damage when left to their own devices, so regular inspection and treatment goes a long way in reducing the overall impact that they can make on your home. 

Ways that residential pest control deals with pests

Common methods for getting pests out of your home, and keeping them from coming in to begin with, include utilizing safe pesticides approved for use in homes. These chemicals are applied to all areas where a pest could possibly enter your home and they create a physical barrier to the outside world. The best residential pest control companies will treat both the interior perimeter of your home and the exterior perimeter of your home for greater deterrence.  

Why you need termite control

Termites love the Florida weather as much as retirees, and the really bad news is that they can do extensive damage to your home if left to their own devices. It’s smart to have a knowledgeable pest control company constantly on the lookout for any signs of termite activity on your property. Treatment options for termites, if found on your property, can last up to five years depending on your preferences. There are also one-time treatments available, and treatments for homes in the pre-construction phase.  

And those darn mosquitoes

One bug that loves South Florida more than termites and retirees are mosquitoes. These pests are particularly dangerous too known for their abilities to harbor and infect humans with dangerous diseases. A knowledgeable pest control service company can do wonders ridding your property of mosquitoes and if this is a concern you have, there are many options to consider. A pest control company will likely start with a thorough inspection of your property before finalizing a treatment plan for your final consideration.  

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