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Services You Didn’t Know You Needed From Pest Control Specialists

Services You Didn’t Know You Needed From Pest Control Specialists

Imagine life without pest control specialists in Port St. Lucie. There would be little separation between daily life and insects and pests that you’d rather not stick around. That’s where a highly regarded pest control company comes in. They keep a healthy distance between your family and dangerous pests, but did you know they also offer an array of other surprising services, too. 

Replace your insulation with pest control specialists

That’s right, if the insulation in your attic has seen better days, or if you suspect you might have a mouse problem inside your home, call your pest control specialists. Many pest control companies offer to remove old insulation and lay new insulation that is treated with chemicals that make your home inhospitable for mice and other pests. Adding more or new insulation to your home, especially with the constant Florida heat, is never a bad move. Only the mice will disagree.  

Wildlife removal

Florida is home to plenty of creatures that you wouldn’t invite inside of your home for tea. If you wake up to an alligator in your pool, a snake in your yard, or some other type of threatening creature in your space, you can call your pest control specialists. Many of these companies have a dedicated wildlife removal group that will come out and lure the critter out of your home and deliver it back to where it belongs.  

Get lawn and tree care from pest control specialists

Did you know that the best pest control companies also offer lawn and tree care services? What’s better than getting more than one service that you need from the same trusted company. Ask yours today if they can help with lawn fertilization and insect control, tree programs, or shrub fertilization and insect control. If they don’t, you should probably switch to these guys

In-wall pest solutions

If you’re in the middle of new residential construction, this service is for you. During the construction phase, a knowledgeable team can come in and add tubes inside of your walls that make it a place where no bug would want to live. Every other month, a technician will come in and make sure there is adequate deterrence and do an inspection for any signs of pest activity. It’s a great way to keep your family safe that you can take advantage of during the construction phase.

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