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If You Spot These Bugs, Call Residential Pest Control Right Away

If You Spot These Bugs, Call Residential Pest Control Right Away

Damage by household pests costs American homeowners billions of dollars each year. From sickness, to infiltrated food supply, and even structural damage, it’s better to leave nothing to chance when it comes to residential pest control. If you spot any of these bugs in your home, you should make the call right away.  

Bed bugs require residential pest control

Bed bugs can get out of hand really fast and it’s wise to call residential pest control if you suspect they’re flourishing in your home. If you notice blood stains on your sheets, a musty odor emanating from your bed, or put your eyes on colonies of tiny bugs living in the folds of your mattress, don’t delay. The pros are needed to handle the job, once and for all. 

If you spy termites

Termites are one of the most destructive pests on the planet causing ungodly amounts of damage to homes across America each year. They’re pretty easy to spot because of their distinctive appearance, and they’re not subtle in terms of the damage they leave behind. If you spot termites in your home, or suspect you have damage from bugs that you don’t see yet, you should make the call to have residential pest control come in right away. 

The dangers of house mice

One pest you definitely don’t want getting comfortable inside your home is a mouse. These tiny rodents can carry serious diseases and viruses like salmonella, hantavirus, and even listeria. They spread these diseases to humans through the droppings they leave behind as well as their nesting materials and salvia.  If you suspect mouse activity in your home, call your bug guy today for help. 

Fleas need residential pest control

Flea infestations can get out of control quickly and you don’t even need pets living inside your home for it to happen. If you suspect fleas—one sure-fire sign are tiny red bits around your ankles and feet—don’t suffer. A bug killing professional can help you get the problem under control in no time at all. 

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