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What’s a Pest Control Specialist?

What’s a Pest Control Specialist?

Believe it or not, nearly everyone will need to call a pest control specialist to their home at some point in their lives. The frequency, however, depends on, well, how good of a service you had the first time. Pest control isn’t just putting traps here and there to evict unwanted guests. This type of control understands your home and it’s entirety, mopping up any areas that could be hiding grounds for those sneaky critters. So what is a pest control specialist and how do they differ from a pest control service?

What is a Pest Control Specialist?

Pest control specialists are focused on the infested environment and analyzing its structures rather than simply exterminating. They pride themselves on finding pathways, hiding places and entry points where the critters get in, and then they create a long-term goal of keeping them out. In warmer climates, palmetto bugs and ants are probably the most nuisance. The pest control specialists Stuart Florida, for example, have the knowledge to eradicate these bugs that tend to surface in homes of warmer climates.

A skilled pest control specialist will identify the pest problems and perform thorough inspections, while strategizing solutions to control the environment.

What Does Pest Extermination Cover?

Well, for one thing, your qualified pest service will first offer a free estimate. This evaluation of your home will provide you and the specialist with a  first hand visualization of the problem and give you a proper time frame and solution. Pest control problems aren’t just indoors, either. Trees and lawns need insect control, too. Mosquito control is another avenue of service that requires ongoing maintenance. When you’re outside barbecuing with friends or lounging by the pool, the last thing you want is the constant harassment of mosquitoes.

Pest control services will cover more than just bugs. They cover fleas and rodents, and even larger paths that come in the form of lizards or snakes. Small lizards and snakes, while not as common, can sneak through holes and crevices in your home that are unseeable with the naked eye. Especially in warmer climates such as Florida or Texas, your pest control specialists of Stuart Florida know that it’s a possibility to run into these larger pests.

I Don’t Have Bugs! Do I Really Need a Pest Specialist?

Believe it or not, the average home has over a hundred different species of bugs, from the common housefly to the spider or beetle. Does it warrant a pest control specialist? Well, that would depend on whether you spot more than one of these in an average of 24 hours, and if they’re in various locations in your home. Most of the time, these are harmless, and usually show themselves out if not kicked out by the homeowner. But sometimes they find a way in and don’t intend to leave, making your home a nest for themselves. Before you know it, you have unpaying tenants eating your nice cotton clothes, or taking a bite out of you. It is a worthy investment to have a pest control service come to your home at least once or twice a year, especially for those living in warm climates. With the warmth brings cozy pockets of your home in which bugs like to keep dry and comfortable.

Consider your pest control specialist just as important as your mail carrier. These handy people get to know the ins and outs of your home as well as how your  geographical area affects pest infestation. Travis Pest Service is one of those handy services you’ll want to keep on speed dial. Not only do they service mosquito control, but they also do residential, commercial, industrial and in-wall pest solutions. Contact our handy and efficient team for your free estimate today!

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