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What are the 3 Types of Pest Control?

What are the 3 Types of Pest Control?

There are many ways to control the pests in and around your home. From rats to mosquitoes, pests are everywhere, and every season brings about a different pest. Whether you live in a warm climate or a four season climate, you’re likely to have seen your fair share of pests. The good news is that there is more than one type of pest control to counteract the many types of pests. 

3 Types of Pest Control

There are many different ways to control the pests in your home, and many different pests that make your home their own. Chemical pest control involves chemical treatments from a residential and commercial pest control company. Biological pest control involves controlled use of plants or other living insects in order to control certain types of pests. Physical pest control is that in which the company will use a mix of all three chemical, biological, and electronic methods. Lastly, electronic pest control refers to electromagnetics and ultrasound gadgets that emit frequencies which target the nervous system of certain rodents and insects.

Depending on your geographical location, you will experience different kinds of pests than in other areas, and some of them will come out at certain times of the year. You’re likely well aware of their entry points. But other times, perhaps if you move to a new location, or a new home, you may not know the area too well, and you certainly don’t know the entry points of your new home. Common types of pests are ants, mice, cockroaches, and rats. Although we don’t think too much about the occasional housefly, once they get in they can make a nest right away, breeding hundreds of other flies. This quickly becomes a pesky pest problem! In hot geographical areas, mosquitoes tend to make their home around your home, not just inside it. Pest living outdoors are very common and are quite a nuisance as well as the ones that tend to live inside. Mosquitoes like to make it into your home through cracks and tears in your windows or doors. Other than being really annoying, most of them don’t carry diseases, but they are capable of transmitting other viruses. Mesh screens are known for keeping mosquitoes at bay; however, getting in touch with a residential and commercial pest control mosquito expert in Vero Beach is where you’re going to have the most success at keeping them at bay.

Another hot weather bug, the palmetto bug, belongs to the cockroach family. Unfortunately, one little guy migrated hundreds of years ago and has stuck around ever since. Harmless and not as territorial as the cockroach, they are still annoying and can be quite intimidating upon sight, due in part to their size. They enjoy sitting under stoves and refrigerators or even inside furniture. Moist and dark places are where they can be found.

When to Call a Pest Control Specialist

If you’ve never called a pest control specialist, but you’re thinking that you may have a reason to, ask yourself some simple questions. Are you encountering pest waste or residue more than twice a week? Is this more seasonal and you can find certain parts of your home invaded with pests? Perhaps you put store-bought traps around your home and attempted to stop the invasion, but it’s not working. All of these factors are to be considered in when to call a pest control specialist.

Typically, anytime you are cleaning up after these critters (and more often than not) is an inappropriate time to call a residential or commercial pest control Vero Beach professional. Travis Pest Management services Vero Beach and its surrounding areas to provide you with organic pest, termite, and mosquito control and even lawn and tree care that’s the safest for your home and family. Contact them today for your free estimate! 

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