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How to Control Pests in Your Garden

How to Control Pests in Your Garden

Pests love your garden just as much as they love your home. So, much like your home’s pest control, it’s a wise investment to control those pests that steal your cucumbers. In addition to having home pest control, garden pest control Port St. Lucie experts suggest a few things that you can do to prevent these critters from picking the juiciest veggie of the bunch. You may have a need for pest control outdoors, after all!

Keeping the Soil Healthy

Most gardeners know that in order to have stronger, healthier plants, they need healthy soil. Healthier plants have a better resistance to damage by insects. Before planting, turn over the soil and add compost or manure to supply organic nutrients.

Use Natural Means of Control 

We’re not talking about organic pesticides here. We’re actually talking about other insects that are no threat to your garden, but are to garden pests! One way to get these bugs to stick around is to plant pollen and nectar producing greenery. Ladybugs, ground beetles, spiders and others love feasting on certain garden bugs. When you see a pest, grab it! You can scoop or pick up the bugs by hand. Use garden gloves to transport caterpillars, snails, and other larger bugs away from your garden. 


By now, you’re probably aware of the many pest control techniques, either through your plant and garden center or provided by your local garden Pest Control Port St Lucie expert. Chances are, you probably want to keep it as organic as possible. But, sometimes 100% organic doesn’t always cut it. Some examples of highly used and effective pesticides are slug pellets and spray chemicals. Slug pellets are bright blue, and should be sprinkled around your plant. These quick and effective pellets immediately do the trick. Spray chemicals come in liquid (and possibly powder) form, and can come in organic variations as well. Organic pesticides carry absolutely no chemicals, and still do a reputable job.

Crop Rotation

Crop rotation is a great way to rid unwanted visitors from your garden. With regular crop rotation, you will plant various kinds of veggies in various parts of your garden. This makes it uncomfortable for those hibernating bugs. When the warmer months approach, and they come back up from underground, they’ll have to move to a new location to find their food. Crop rotation is also a good habit for healthy soil. 

Get a Companion

Companion planting is an old standby that still proves effective. Marigolds are lovely, and give off a natural bug repellent. Garlic, when planted next to crops, wards off japanese beetles and aphids. There are many beautiful flowers and greenery that you can add to your garden to keep it appealing and pest free. 

Call The Experts

Sometimes there’s just no going around it, and you must get garden pest control Port ST Lucie experts to intervene. This is usually because the pests are resistant to the methods you are trying, or there’s a deeper issue that is attracting these unwanted visitors. Your local pest control service will find the cause and eliminate the problem for good, along with offering helpful advice to keep a long lasting, lush garden and landscape.

Are you struggling to keep those pests away? Perhaps you’ve tried one or all of these methods and they’re just not cutting it. Travis Pest Management is a trusted source for home and garden pest control. They specialize in affordable pest care services such as mosquito, termite, lawn and tree care, and more. Get a free estimate today and keep those pests at bay!


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