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How to Get Rid of Termites In Your House

How to Get Rid of Termites In Your House

In order to eliminate insects from your property and your garden, it’s essential to know the best methods used by pest control management firms. So, in order to combat pest infestations, you should opt for the most effective pest control measures from a well-known pest control company.


Ways To Eliminate Insects at Home


Poisonous gasses are used as fumigants to kill insect pests from stored grain and products in warehouses, elevators, godowns, and so on. The toxicant enters the trachea of the insets through the spiracles in the form of gasoline and brings about its kill. Since all fumigants are lethal and poisonous, extra care must be taken while using them.

Chemical pest manipulation techniques

Chemical pest control methods are broadly used for pest control. They are typically used to govern weed infestations and diseases in plants.

Pesticides are the name used to explain chemical pest manipulate materials, which commonly poison and kill the pest that consumes or is uncovered to them. These may be used in combination with physical traps or simply be unnoticed in locations where pests are recognized to be. Hiring qualified pest management technicians only will help you to find a cure for this problem. They know how to operate chemical insecticides as those substances are poisonous and may rather be dangerous if ingested by a human.

Another chemical pest control procedure is ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging, that is utilized to fight pest accumulation and disperses small quantities of insecticide. On the opposite side, fumigation is an extreme chemical pest management technique that entails sealing a building and filling it with pesticides to annihilate any insect.


The last of the three methods of pest control is the biological method, which is one of the oldest types of pest control. This consists of using different herbal organisms to reduce or eliminate a species of pest, which commonly entails introducing their herbal predator to equal surroundings to control the pest population. Now, it’s not a usual technique of handling pests in a health and protection context, but may be used to govern large populations of pests which can be a hazard to individuals who live inside the same vicinity.

The introduction of natural predators is one form of organic pest manipulation technique, while others have a tendency to be used on vegetation is the creation of microorganisms that defend their host species by means of deterring any pests.

Physical Pest Control

If you don’t want to use chemical, organic or electronic strategies of pest manipulation, you have to depend upon physical methods to stop pests from coming into your premises or attacking the food inventory.

If you want to avoid the accumulation of insects then using plastic sheets will be the right decision. There are also barriers like nets that you can utilize to remove mosquitoes and to avoid birds from coming into the properties.

Boric Acid

If you need a non-toxic way to kill termites, then that is the method for you. Spray the stricken areas with an answer made from borax powder and water. You will observe that once you make some applications, you may clear up the hassle of the way to dispose of termites. You can improve your results every day.

Cardboard Traps

Creating traps from cardboard is an effective way of getting rid of termites naturally. However, it may not be an exceptional approach for the faint of heart or individuals who do not like without delay coping with bugs.

Put a cardboard container within the region of the termite infestation and leave it for some days to permit the termites to infest the card. Once full, burn the card and destroy the termites trapped inside.

This technique has to be repeated multiple instances till your traps begin to turn out empty. As of the quantity of time this approach can take, it is suggested to pair this technique with another which includes poison or boric acid.


Nematodes are small worms that can not be visible by the bare eye. Nematodes assault their host by injecting bacteria into its body after feeding on it.

Use nematodes and allow them to prey on the termites. This is one of the most preferred termite manipulation strategies considering it is secure. Nematodes do not cause any damage to timber, pets or human beings. They are fatal just to pests & termites. There are specific types of nematodes for each pest and therefore it is vital to get them only for termites.

Nematodes are effortlessly to have in packets. You can mix those worms in a massive bucket of water after which spray the identical within the inflamed place. The water will seep into the location and allow the nematodes to spread.


The Types Of Termites You Can Find At Home

Dampwood Termites

Dampwood Termites belong to the household circle of relatives Kalotermitidae and Hodotermitidae and live in timber with excessive moisture content material. Most dampwood termites do not require touch with the soil. Dampwood termites are not mostly seen in houses because the wood in those systems particularly does not have sufficient moisture.

Drywood Termites

Drywood Termites belong to the Kalotermitidae category and generally stay in wood, which consists of structural timbers or hardwood flooring & dead trees. Unlike subterranean termites, drywood termites don’t need contact with soil. Some drywood termite species can cause great damage to houses. However, drywood termite colonies are prone to be smaller in size than subterranean termite colonies, so they generally injure at a slow fee compared to subterranean termites.

Subterranean Termites

These types of termites usually prefer living outdoors and can be found inside the ground. Within the soil, one can find subterranean termites and they can be found staying in the nests that are moist, hot, dark and are airtight. The nests are created from many rooms called galleries. You can generally find termites eating plants, wood and fabric. They also eat stringy and fibrous substances named cellulose, which can be found in grass, manure, wood and manure of herbivorous animals. In properties, one can also see them taking structural wood and fence posts.

How to Discover Pest Infestation

In order to identify the areas in your garden and home where pests get accumulated or the signs of pest infestation, you can go through the following points below-

Damaged drywall, bubbling below paint or wallpaper
Drywall includes paper – and paper contains cellulose, which is a termite’s primary source of food. As termites chew, they’ll depart in the back of small trails, each on the surface of an interior drywall. You may additionally note pin-sized holes in your drywall or wallpaper in which the termites have eaten their way. Termite pinholes in drywall are capped with a small speck of dirt and the presence of bubbling beneath your wallpaper or paint are a visible sign that termites are present.

Mud Tubes

Some unusual signs are mud tubes. Termites use their saliva to glue these tunnels collectively for travel. Homeowners may additionally see the pencil-width dust tubes spreading out like veins on their home’s basis.

Wood tunnels

Unlike dust tubes, wooden tunnels additionally called “galleries” are tough to spot from the outdoors. However, those may be spotted within broken timber or timbre-infested areas. This is one certain sign that a termite infestation has come about. However, technological devices have allowed pest control specialists to hit upon timber tunnels and termites when there are no observable exterior signs and symptoms. These consist of digital odor detectors and sound and infrared detectors.

How To Avoid Termites

Having termites on your property and in your lawn can be damaging. Termites/white ants are highly devastating insects that left undiscovered can create big structural ruin to your house and since placing a barrier can avoid termite attack, even an insurance firm does not cover termite ruin. If you are wondering how to avoid termites from coming into your property, then you can follow the following points-

Keep flying termites aside in the course of swarming weather

In the course of early spring, flying termites may form new colonies. One can have a professional inspection of your roof to look for gaps that can lead to pest invasion and mend gaps in an instant. Switch off outdoor lights at night which can bring flying termites.

Eliminate food sources

Termites intake paper products and cellulose in wood so avoid keeping these away from termites. Eliminate any leftover construction wood surrounding your house or any tree stumps. Recycle wood and paper products. Do not leave paper products, cardboard boxes, and newspapers in your house for long periods. Be cautious of leaving and using them around your property.

Get daily termite Inspections

It’s always a good decision to get your property yearly examined by a skilled termite professional. The professionals can assist in signs of infestation in your house.

Keep plants not near to your residential property

Planning to keep specific plants that termites intake away from your property can be a good decision. Mulch using pine needles will be the right choice as these are less delicious to subterranean termites compared to wood mulch. If pine needles are present in your region, look for other non-organic materials or pea gravel as a blockade between the ground and the residential property.


Having termites on your property can be a wreck and damage the items inside your home. Getting pests removed with the help of a professional can be a great decision as professionals use integrated pest management systems, chemical pest control methods and physical pest control methods to eliminate insects. Bugs are of different kinds and can harm the contents of your house and in your garden. To ensure your bathroom, kitchen and other rooms in your house are pest-free and your backyard as well you should go to a well-known pest control firm.


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