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Pest Control Service In Jupiter

Travis Pest Services, LLC is a family-owned and operated pest control service in Jupiter. Our licensed, bonded and insured company has been operating for more than five decades. We use the most effective treatments for infestations in homes and businesses while keeping the client’s safety in mind.

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Residential Pest Control Service In Jupiter

Your family’s safety is the priority of our residential pest control service in Jupiter. We apply long-term strategies to not only get rid of an infestation but also to prevent future ones.

In-Wall Pest Control

Many homes are constructed with in-wall pest tube systems. Our technicians provide every other month in-wall pest treatments to control bugs by applying solutions through the system.

Commercial Pest Control In Jupiter

Various businesses ranging from office buildings to restaurants avail of our commercial pest control in Jupiter. We can personalize the treatment program to suit your requirements and budget.

Mosquito Control

We provide monthly mosquito control services to deal with the infestation. Our pest control specialists in Jupiter apply a residual repellent on areas prone to infestation using a backpack misting machine.

Termite Control

We treat different kinds of termites including subterranean, drywood and Formosan. Our plan includes setting up chemical barriers, spraying the colony directly and disrupting their growth.


Garden Pest Control in Jupiter

Get rid of insects like aphids, caterpillars, mealybugs, or mites through our garden pest control in Jupiter. We also apply fungicides and herbicides for a healthy lawn.

Eco-Friendly Strategy For

Pest Control In Jupiter

Integrated Pest Management

We take a complete approach to pest treatment from evaluating the infestation site to applying the solution. This helps prevent the overuse of pesticides while ensuring satisfactory results. If you’re looking for commercial pest control service in Jupiter, Travis Pest Services is your true partner for sure!!!

Reliable Staff

Our pest control specialists in Jupiter are chosen after a thorough background check and trained on the latest, best and safest pest control methods.

Years Of Experience

Travis Pest Services, LLC has been in the business for more than fifty years. We have dealt with various kinds of pest problems in commercial and residential settings in Treasure Coast.


The technicians on our staff undergo training to minimize the impact of our treatments on the environment. We continually strive to provide safer methods of pest control in Jupiter.

Affordable Prices

We are among the leading providers of affordable pest control in Jupiter. Our programs offer the best value on money, starting with a free pest or lawn evaluation.

Is Paying for Residential Pest Control Worth My Money?

When you purchase a pest control plan with us, not only are you’re seeking for the best commercial and residential pest control company in Jupiter, you are also purchasing a service for a particular pest problem. We take care of the 10 most common pests: cockroaches, spiders, ants, mice, paper wasps, rats, moths, millipedes, centipedes, and house crickets. Our highly trained pest control experts in Jupiter have the experience to idenfity your issue and provide an efficient pest treatment.

How Often Should Residential Pest Control be Done?

Residential termite control in Jupiter must be done at least four times per year because pests vary by season. Reach out to a local affordable pest control company in Jupiter for inspection and adjust your pest control treatments as needed. As seasons and temperatures change, certain seasonal pests will not thrive in or around your home.

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