• Extremely happy with the technician; she’s very pleasant and always goes the extra mile to take care of the problem.

    Mr. M., Martin Downs
    Customer since 2004
  • As the Manager of Travis Pest Services, LLC., Inc., you should be very proud of your staff. It’s nice to know that I can count on your company even though I am here in Connecticut for 5 months a year. I would highly recommend Travis to anyone who would ask!

    Mrs. B., Stuart
    Customer since 1990
  • Thought you should know I really appreciate all that Travis does for me and my home. I am especially grateful for my technician’s kind and considerate service she provides in a timely manner. Thank you Travis Pest Services, LLC.!

    Mr. M., Mariner Sands
    Customer since 2009
  • Our technician is great – she keeps working till the problem is eradicated or at the very least under control – Thanks So Much!

    Ms. P., Grand Harbor Vero Beach
    Customer since 2006
  • Wanted to let you know what an excellent job the service technician always does. She jumps on every problem and shows genuine concern that the problem is taken care of. There are not many companies in business today who care to make sure the customer is taken care of.

    Mr. R., Port St. Lucie
    Customer since 2000
  • Thank you for all the services and courtesies you have shown me over the years.

    Ms. A., Sewalls Pt
    Customer since 1990
  • What you did worked like a charm: no ants. Thank You.

    Mr. S., Mallard Creek
    Customer since 2000
  • Your technician went out of her way to call us up north and let us know about the leak in our home; without that call it would have been a disaster. It’s nice to know your employees really care about their customers.

    Mrs. H., Willoughby
    Customer since 2003
  • My technician’s the best! And she always has been.

    Mr. M., Lost Lakes
    Customer since 1999
  • Our technician has always done an excellent job to make sure everything is taken care of.

    Mr. B., Stuart Yacht & Country Club
    Customer since 1998
  • Just wanted to thank you for your great job as a supervisor and taking care of our situational mess. Your quick attention was appreciated and acknowledged. Thank you!

    Ms. S., Fairmont Estates
    Customer since 2006
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