Builder Installed Pest Tubing

Many new homes in Florida are being built with in-wall pest tubes throughout the home. The sole purpose of this tubing is to deliver small amounts of pest control solution to specific areas in your home. Travis Pest Services, LLC.’s In-Wall Pest Solution allows us to provide Every Other Month (EOM) treatment to your existing in-wall pest system. This system is designed to keep pests out of your home.

Our In-Wall Pest Solution service includes the following:

  • A visual Inspection of your property to identify any current pest problems, entry points and nesting areas.
  • Pest solution placed into existing in-wall tubes to control bugs.
  • Spider webs and cobwebs (within an 8-foot reach) are brushed down.
  • Exterior perimeter treatment, utilizing the best and safest products available, creating a barrier to keep pests from coming inside your home. However, if bugs* do find their way inside your home, we will come back out to treat at no charge to you.

We only need to enter your home during your initial service, unless you are having a problem inside your home.
The In-Wall Pest Solution does NOT include treatment for termites, rats, bed bugs, ticks, or fleas. These pests are covered under separate agreements.
Our In-Wall Pest Solution is guaranteed. Our goal is to make you 100% satisfied. You can cancel at any time. You have nothing to lose.
*(excludes termites, rats, bed bugs, ticks, or fleas)

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