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What Is the Best Treatment for Termites?

What Is the Best Treatment for Termites?

Termites are fascinating creatures with the ability to build the strongest structures you’ll ever see a bug construct. However, this is not the type of bug you want anywhere near your home or property. So while there are many termiticides, from liquid to foam, which one should you choose? The termite control Palm City experts handle the toughest pest control jobs on the block and share their best techniques in finding the right solution for your home and property.


It sounds pretty intense, but fumigation is probably one of the most serious ways of getting rid of termite infestations for good. The fumigation process takes around 3 days and all tenants must leave the home. Your termite control Palm City expert will use sulfuryl fluoride gas in the enclosed areas in your home for at least 24 hours. When the treatment is over, your pest control expert will aerate and monitor the home for safety of reentry. Active termites and colonies will be eradicated almost instantly, but it is a costly method and extremely intrusive. This method also doesn’t guarantee future reinfestation, so preventative measures must be taken before fumigation begins.

Soil and Barrier Treatments

Considered the most common technique, both of these treatments include the application of liquid termiticide to the soil underneath or around the foundation of your home. This creates a barrier that protects the exterior and prevents any wood-eating insect from entering. Termite shields are another barrier treatment, as are foam termiticides that are injected into the walls and floors. The foaming agents have a similarity to shaving cream and spread evenly in all directions to cover any open area. Termite Shields are physical barriers that resemble thin sheets of metal that can be installed around the structure of your home or business. Termite Shields are usually installed during the home building or business building process, so they wouldn’t necessarily be used by your local termite control Palm City maintenance team.

Baiting Stations

Much like you would put up ant baiting stations, this inexpensive and common way for termite control involves ground or above-ground bait for active termite colonies. Above ground baiting stations will be placed in appropriate areas and out of reach of pets and children. Ground stations are planted into the soil and are more effective than above-ground stations. These baiting methods use low doses of non-repellent termiticides which work at a slow pace.

Know the Enemy

While bugs aren’t really our enemies, they invade our home and wreak havoc on our structure, making them enemies of a comfortable home life. Termites are nothing to trifle with, and you need to be aware of the signs of termite infestation in order to stop the spread. Some prominent signs of termite infestation are mud tubes. Mud tubes are easily noticeable and are exactly that: tubes of mud joined together around the base of your home or even inside along the walls. If you have a keen eye, you may be able to spot discarded wings or even notice hollow or blistering wood throughout your home. Termites are noisy eaters, but they’re also sensitive and detect vibrations and noises using several organs of their body. If you hear quiet clicking sounds coming from the walls, it is likely soldier termites banging their heads against the wood or even shaking their bodies when a disturbance has entered their colony. Yes, you can actually hear this if you listen closely!

Don’t wait until you have a pest control problem to call your termite control Palm City contractor. You can take action now to avoid mishaps, both for now and for your future. Travis Pest Services provides termite control for your home or business in a safe and environmentally-friendly setting. For your free termite inspection, contact our office today!


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