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Commercial Pest Management in Palm Beach

At Travis Pest Services, LLC., we realize every business is unique and with that comes different expectations. We want to provide you with service customized to your business needs. From office buildings to medical facilities to restaurants, we can tailor service to fit your needs.

Our technicians are trained in Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices, which utilizes a combination of approaches to rid your business of pests. These methods include providing information on how to keep pests away from your business, ways to secure your building to keep bugs out, how to avoid attracting pest, and the use of pesticides applied according to established guidelines. Pest control materials are chosen and applied in a manner that minimizes risks to people and the environment.

Our qualified, courteous, and professional technicians will inspect, treat, and work with you or your employees to reduce conditions that attract pests.  We focus on the outside of your business to create a barrier to keep pests from coming inside. However, if bugs do find their way inside your business, we will come back out to treat at no charge to you. (This does not include termites, rats, bed bugs, ticks, or fleas.)

Travis Pest Services, LLC. offers flexible scheduling, quick response times, and service according to your needs.  Call us at 772-287-7411 or 561-575-0065 to learn more about our solutions to your business’ pest control needs.

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Travis Pest Services, LLC. and the entire pest control industry are striving to find better, safer and more economical methods for keeping businesses, multi-family homes and condominium communities infestation-free and healthier for their inhabitants. After a thorough inspection of your property, we will create an individualized plan that includes pest identification, monitoring, education, treatment and a commitment to you to be a strong partner in your IPM program. With an integrated pest management approach, we minimize the use of pesticides in your living areas. At Travis Pest Services, LLC., we give our commercial clients the best and most technologically-advanced service in the business. We develop and IPM program that would suit your business the best.

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